Terms of Trade

  1. These general agreed terms apply to all cold calling service supplied by Premium Call Centre Solutions Pty Ltd (Premium).
  2. Price, the amount agreed between us for your access to our database of phone numbers in an agreed quantity and in areas as identified by you. The price is payable prior to commencement of the service.
  3. The caller script is subject to agreement and your final approval. Premium will provide feedback as to the wording of the script but does not guarantee a script will achieve any particular result.
  4. Premium does not guarantee the success of any cold calling campaign and is not bound to achieve any sales target set by the customer.
  5. Premium undertakes to make the number of calls to the identified areas within the time set by the terms of the campaign.
  6. At all times the Premium callers will act in a professional manner and follow the agreed script to the best of their ability having regard to responses that may be received.
  7. Premium provides a quality control system to ensure the highest standard of calls is maintained but the system is strictly confidential to maintain the privacy of members of the public and is not subject to access or review by a customer.
  8. Premium will provide reports over the course of the campaign including suggestions for changes in the script arising from public response but all changes are subject to your approval and no representation is given that the changes will improve the outcome of the campaign.
  9. Prepayment in an amount as agreed is required before a campaign will be extended in time or area.
  10. No refund will be provided for any failure of the campaign to achieve the results that may have been anticipated by the customer whether this was communicated to Premium or not.

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"Premium Call Centre Solutions add capacity to my business and enable me to handle my clients and workflow more efficiently. Their friendly staff make a favourable impression every time that clients or potential clients call and I am busy with other matters."
John Tindall
Choice Home Loans
"We are amazed by how well trained and enthusiastic the PCCS operators are - this is reflected in the way they handle each & every call. I am very pleased with our service from PCCS!"
You Marketing
"PCCS has been an integral part of our quality customer service and has been an improvement to the level of service that our firm provides our clients. Thank you to the folks at PCCS for their fantastic service and for looking after our company!"
George Germanos
Managing Director / Alliance Accounting
"We have been using the services of premium call solutions for in excess of three years. We constantly find them to possess a 'must win attitude' with a strong degree of determination to succeed. They have helped us tremendously in improving the performance of our business."
Tony Ryba
"We have been utilising Premium Call Centre Solutions for over 12 months for our after hours customer service. The professionalism of their operators is nothing short of excellent and the feedback from our clients has only been positive."
William Cownie
Liverpool Glass
"As a client of PCCS for several years now I have found their service invaluable to my business. The friendly ladies taking the calls for my business has allowed me much more time to promote and grow my business. Thank you PCCS for your excellent service."
Sofie Spasinski
Aztel Pty Ltd ATF The Azcom Trust
“I was inspired by the enthusiasm and determination they showed in bringing their charity event to life, which subsequently was a tremendous success. I found both Lisa and Rhonda to be honest, ethical and at all times display the utmost professionalism.”
Penelope Geftakis
Phoenix Leadership Consulting

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